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May 24, 2012 | Ride For Heroes | Houston

More than $17,000 Raised for Disabled Vets!
$5000 of those funds came from Lou Savarese’s willingness to auction off his hair….that’s right, he gave the winning bidder the right to cut off his beautiful hair all in honor of those who battle for our freedom and that was just the beginning. 

Six big fights went down in front of a near full house on Thursday night, May 24th, at the Houston Club in downtown Houston. The night exploded in the first fight when Joel Baglio battled ferociously against Aaron Anderson. Baglio won the four-round match up by the judges’ decision. TKOs included former Texan's star Morlon Greenwood over Alonzo Toney, Skipp Scott triumphed over Glen Williams, Russian Medzhid Bektemiro crushed Tyrone Jackson, Ahror Muralimov beat Ronny Hale and Ivan Otero overpowered Julio Valadez.

Stay tuned for highlights of the fights which will be posted right here, Savarese Promotions, including the cutting of Lou Savarese's hair in the ring. You can also catch all the action on Houston's local Channel 57, "The Kube" on Saturday nights at 7:00 pm.

Included in all of the live activity was the live auction conducted by our own Eddie Harper. Five (5) items were auctioned off:
1)  Ted Nugent signed guitar
2)  1 Hour military jet (L-29) ride out of Ellington AFB with pilot Mark Davis
3)  Evander Holyfield autographed Boxing Glove
4)  Signed photo of George Forman fight in Galveston 1989
5)  The right to cut Lou Savarese's hair in the ring.
By the way, the winning bidder for Lou’s haircut insisted that Lou’s wife, Louisa, do the cutting.

Many thanks to all of the contributors and sponsors and a special thank you to all of our auction winners…. All of you are awesome.

Support the Ride for Heroes - The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund

Savarese Promotions is backing a Trike Ride Across America as part of a campaign to raise funds for the "Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund".
Introduction by Dennis McLaughlin

My brother-in-law, John Gerlaugh, my friend, Troy McLeheny, a new friend, Ben Maenza, and I will ride across the United States on recumbent trikes in the summer of 2012 to raise awareness and funds for our country’s wounded veterans. Although we will be riding specifically for the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund, we also ride to support and provide visibility for all of America’s veterans. John and I became interested in sponsoring a fund raising event for the Semper Fi Fund when we and our wives attended an awareness dinner on the USS Intrepid in New York City in 2011. We met several severely injured Marines and their families, and were completely inspired by their positive “Can Do, Don’t Pity Me” attitude. We left that evening with an increased desire to do more to actively support our nation’s war wounded and their families.

To put an action to our desire to do more, John and I re-scoped a “bucket list” event we had planned (a bike ride across the US) as a fund raiser for the Semper Fi Fund. We plan to depart on this cross-country fund-raiser in June of 2012, starting in St Augustine, Florida, riding west across the southern US, and arriving in San Diego, California, two months later in August.
Troy joined us in our efforts as soon as he heard about our plans, and Ben joined us soon after we met him at the 2012 Semper Fi Fund awareness dinner in March. We're absolutely stoked to have this team put together and are looking forward to the ride of our lives! We are all also supported in this endeavor by our families and friends who are also devoted to this very important cause. As we gather sponsors, we will list them here also.

We all are extremely excited about this opportunity to give to those who have given so much of themselves. The Injured Marines Semper Fi Fund is a fantastic partner in our effort to give as much as possible back to our heroes -- in fact, CharityNavigator.com rates IMSFF their top 4 out of 4 stars. So do we!

Click Here for more information or to Make a Donation to the "Semper Fi Fund"

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