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June 28, 2012 | Salute To Heroes | League City

Averaging 19 years of age, driving their first car and living life somewhere between childhood and adulthood are our American fighting soldiers; not yet old enough to buy a beer but old enough to fight a war. 

For the past 8 years, the Ray Joseph Hutchinson Foundation (RJHF), founded by Michael and Deborah Hutchinson in honor of their son, Ray Joseph Hutchinson, has hosted the annual Salute To Heroes.  Their purpose is two-fold; to recognize and honor all of our military soldiers; those that are currently serving, those that have served in the past and those that made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and to provide scholarship awards to CCISD students in loving memory of Ray Joseph Hutchinson.  This year’s event also included the Wall of the Fallen consisting of the names of 537 Texas soldiers killed in action; later this year 69 more names will be added.  A wonderful, sobering, respectful and heartfelt evening this 2012 event accomplished both goals. 

Guests also enjoyed a great variety of items on display for the silent auction and the very spirited bidding of the live auction which included a beautiful pearl and amethyst pendant donated by Ms. Ann Hacker of Black Rose Steel, a Taste of Texas-Dinner with Astronaut Michael Bloomfield donated by Michael Bloomfield and a Jet Plane Ride donated by Million Air.

Presentation and retirement of the colors was conducted by the Baybrook Recruiting Command and a wonderful version of the Star Spangle Banner was performed by Bill Cole, proud father of a Navy SAR Swimmer. All proceeds raised go to fund the RJHF scholarships.

Enjoy our visit with some of the fourteen 2012 scholarship recipients on Talk of the Bay.

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