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Sturgis Motorcycle Rally gal 1 | Sturgis SD

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2012 Our Journey

It all started with kicking up the jiffy stand and cranking up my new 2002 Harley Davidson Road King. Finally, Sondra and I were going to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota!

About three years ago one of my best friends, Mike Newell, had a near death experience, went thru a religious phase, and then bought a touring motorcycle. Since then he’s been riding throughout Texas and Arkansas and every year he invited me to join him and his posse for their annual big road trip; this year it was to South Dakota.  Although Sturgis has always been a dream of mine, each year I put it off, taking time for granted.   Then it happened; my near death experience. I didn’t have to spend three months in the hospital but it was enough to make me realize how short life could be. It was time to turn on that back burner and get a bike!

A friend of mine, Edo Schrieber was giving me a hard time about having a heart attack at my age. I retaliated by giving him a hard time about owning a Harley and never riding it. At that moment destiny and Edo’s generosity, two magical ingredients combined and the miracle happened. I now owned a Harley!  Unfortunately my enthusiasm was short lived.  I loved the bike but a Sportster was not the comfy bike needed to take my lovely “Bride for a Ride”. 

The third magic ingredient came from another friend, Paul Marx, who was selling a larger Road King.  The week of the Sturgis ride, I was able to get a great price for the Roadster and through the generosity of my friend Paul, I was able to buy his big, beautiful 2002 Road King.  Now we were ready!

Two days later I rolled out of my driveway headed to Cleburne, Texas; the first leg of the trip.That was a 4.5 hour ride. It was awesome, just me, the bike, the road, the wind; no phone or email. I hadn’t been on a ride like that since I was stationed in Germany over 25 years ago.

When I arrived in Cleburne we loaded 5 Harleys on 2 trailers for the second leg of the trip. YesI know, we were the Trailer Queens. Hey, we’re bringing the wives…and their luggage! Besides that I couldn’t help but wonder as we passed thru heavy down pours what those without trailers were thinking.

We got an early start the next day; we had a 12 hour drive thru the country’s heartland. We passed thru all kinds of farms, corn, cotton, soybeans, hay, and even wind farms as we made our way to North Platte, Nebraska. That night, we ate in and bunked down early, there was another big drive in front of us the next day. As we drove on, those flat infinite fields started to give way to hay covered hills, then the hills started giving way to big rocks, and soon the big rocks were turning into mountains. The straight roads were changing into turns. We would see the occasional bikers rolling past us then as we got within 200 miles of Sturgis we were seeing streams of them. Man, the excitement was building and I couldn’t wait to get on my bike.

Our destination was a house located about 5000 feet up in a canyon on the other side of Rapid City, South Dakota.  The house is on 40 wooded acres at the end of a 3 mile gravel road. We spotted wild turkeys, deer, and had to keep a watchful eye out for mountain lions.  Talk about being one with nature!  From the house, Sturgis was just a gorge-ous 20 minute drive thru VanockerCanyon and we didn’t waste anytime unloading the bikes and hitting the road. Day 2

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