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Sturgis Motorcycle Rally gal 5 | Sturgis SD

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2012 Our Journey Day 5

This day started off with Paul Tidwell, the owner of the property, taking me on a little 4 wheel drive tour of his property. His 40 acres is surrounded by the Black Hills National Forest. He showed me 4 Mountain Lion dens and we spotted more deer and turkeys. After the tour the gang loaded up and headed over to the Nemo VFD’s Biker Breakfast; a $7 all you can eat breakfast then we headed to Devils Tower, Wyoming. This was my biggest surprise of the trip. I never even heard of the Devils Tower National Monument. This is America’s first national monument and it rises over 1250 ft. This is just wicked looking and you can see coming from 15 miles away.

Next stop was Hulett, Wyoming. Boy it was getting blazing hot. We found the first place with a/c and made ourselves at home. There were thousands of bikers here enjoying plenty of live music, food and brew. We spent maybe 2 hours here, mainly on the inside of a bar but what I saw of it was truly beautiful. Day 6

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