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Sturgis Motorcycle Rally gal 6 | Sturgis SD

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2012 Our Journey Day 6

On this day, we headed to the Needles Hwy but stopped first at Sheridan Lake where I popped off a couple of shots then we passed through Hill City to cool off and to suck down a couple of brews. The Needles highway became our mission; we could not make this trip earlier in the week but were told the Needles Highway is one ride we didn’t want to miss. We were not disappointed! The Needles highway—a National Scenic Byway—was completed in 1922 and includes 14 miles of sharp turns, low tunnels, and impressive granite spires. The road lies within the 73,000 acre Custer State Park, just 30 miles south of Rapid City. This is one part of the journey where I could not shoot and drive, I had to keep both hands on the handlebars to navigate those sharp cutbacks. This was another national treasure I have never heard of before this trip and I am very thankful for the way we got to experience it.

We spent our last evening in Sturgis.   Instead of riding our bikes into townwe selected a designated driver, and took an SUV. Driving in the Black Hills after dark can be dangerous because of the wildlife crossings so we elected a designated driver and took the SUV into town.

Sturgis is the MOTHER of all the bikerrallies; it is also the oldest and pumps millions of dollars into a 150 mile radius. For local residents sharing God’s country with fun loving bikers once a year is OKAY! Enjoy the photos! I can take this one off the bucket list!

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