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September 13 | Mad Hatter Tea Party and Luncheon | Friendswood

On Thursday, Sept. 13, twelve lively Villagers strutted down the Hope Village runway opening the 2012 Hope Village Mad Hatter Tea Party and Luncheon. Filled to capacity, more than 200 guests enjoyed the fun at the Mad Hatter themed luncheon. Following the Villagers, community models brought the beautiful fashions from The Clotheshorse and Jill’s Fashion and Bridal to life; beautiful casual outfits to gorgeous formal gowns were featured throughout the show. Included in the model lineup was Brittany Booker; 2012 Miss Texas. Brittany, a volunteer at Hope Village , and her handsome escort from the village brought the house down with their fancy footwork and bear hugs at the end of the runway.  Take a look at all the fun!

It is the mission of Hope Village to provide superior yet affordable residential and support services to children and adults with intellectual disabilities

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