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Farmers Market at Clear Lake Shores

Growing fruits and vegetables is fulfilling enough but when you are able to sell them, that’s a whole new feeling of accomplishment. For five years now I have been giving away my Ruby Red Grapefruit and for almost as many I’ve had more than one person tell me that I could sell them. Well this past weekend I decided to give it a try at the Farmers Market at Clear Lake Shores. Video Production for BusinessBy noon I had sold out of all of my grapefruit and of my good friend and neighbor Mike Beck’s lemons and navel oranges. We grow the citrus in our backyards and since neither of us use pesticides or synthetic fertilizers on our plants we can claim them to be organic.

I started my 2 trees from seed in 1997 and when I moved to League City in 1998, I planted the 2 seedlings in my back yard. They thrived where I planted them and this year I have picked over 1100 grapefruit from the 2. Sondra and I had a great time at the market and I would recommend anyone to go give it a try. They even had live music! They are there every Saturday from 9am – 1pm. Check out the pics and video!

Clear Lake Shores Farmers market is a non-profit outlet for locally-grown fruit, vegetables, and other homemade products. The market is operated by volunteers who care about their community and the vendors are local citizens providing the freshest foods from their own establishments. Check them out on the web!

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