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Eddie Harper

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amoco March 6 – Bay Cup I - Seabrook

This is the 5th year for the Bay Cup series, which includes two races…..Bay Cup I (March each year) and Bay Cup II (August each year). These two events offer the opportunity to sail in Galveston and Trinity Bays in a competitive “ handicap rating” format. The courses begin in Galveston Bay (midway between San Leon and Kemah), proceed through the South Boater Cut into Trinity Bay. Once in Trinity Bay the competitors round the appropriate marks for the course they were assigned by the Race Committee, then return to Galveston Bay via the South Boater Cut. Awards are given for the results of each regatta.  Bay Cup Series awards are also announced during the Bay Cup II awards party.  The Series awards are given to the top competitors in each class who sailed in both Bay Cup events….same boat, same class, both events. This year’s Bay Cup winners are listed on…

There are a wide variety of competitors and boats who participate in the Bay Cup Series. Several different classes are established to accommodate the different boats and levels of competition. We like to tell sailboat owners….”if you have a boat, we have a class for you”.

Take a look at the fun happening at the Bay Cup I Award Party held at the beautify Lakewood Yacht Club. For more information contact Dwight Bengtson, LYC Race Committee Chair (832) 457-5154 

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