matzalan mexico

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Chiquita and Paul

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Mazatlan, Mexico

Mazatlan is home to the Pacifico brewery, long sandy beaches, unique and interesting monuments, great fishing and of course 6 months out of the year, Mazatlan is known for its huge shrimp. 

For night life the popular Golden Zone (Zona Dorada) is the place to be; you’ll find the largest night club in all of Mexico in the Golden Zone. This is definitely the Party Zone. And on the flip side, Old Mazatlan, is located in the center of the town and is a great area to explore and enjoy the culture. The narrow streets are lined with sidewalk cafes, bakeries and shops. And if you’re lucky you’ll find an arts and craft show where many of the items have a West Indies influence. A good suggestion is to take a ‘City Tour’ early during your stay so that you get a lay of the land. You’ll be surprised at the variety of activities available and different areas there are to explore.

Transportation is very easy, inepensive and convenient. City buses travel throughout old and new Mazatlan on a regular schedule. Open air taxis and trucks are in abundance as they literally squeeze past each other moving tourists from one end of town to the other. 

If you’re a fisherman or fisherwoman you’re in luck. Mazatlan offers a variety of fun trips. Everything from deep sea sports fishing to bottom fishing for a wide variety of fish including 7 different snappers, sea bass and dorado. We spent a day fishing where we caught more than 125 fish. After selecting our ‘keepers’ we headed for the Playa Bruja (Witch Beach) restaurant.There the owner prepared our fish for us while we enjoyed the water, the beach while sipping on margaritas. There’s nothing better than eating fresh caught fish perfectly prepared. Yum!

As for the weather, early Spring is a wonderful time to visit this charming city. The morning sunrise starts to warm the day, by noon the sun is high and feels wonderful and the sunset brings cooler evenings. A bathing suit and a light sweater make a perfect combination. 

Accommodations vary; the coastline is shared by hotels varying in price from $35 per day to more luxurious accommodations. Timeshares abound everywhere; they are very popular with new resorts being constructed as we speak.   

And of course no trip is complete unless you find some wonderful restaurants. We tried several both on the water and inland one of our favorites was Casa Loma. Tucked away a about a mile inland, you walk up the stairs to a wonderful ambience. The chef mixed a wonderful salad, with at least a dozen different ingredients, right at the table, the entrees were amazing and the margaritas were dangerous. 


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