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March 25 & 26 - Sentinels of Freedom Bay Area – League City

Texas Sentinels of Freedom-Bay Area:  Our mission is to provide life-changing opportunities for men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces who have suffered severe injuries and need the support of grateful communities to realize their dreams.

Marching towards their own mission Deborah Bly, Gail Payne and their team of volunteers pulled together to create a series of three fabulous fundraising events. Thursday morning, March 25 started off with a parade from South Shore Harbour Resort to South Shore Country Club for the start up of the Sentinels of Freedom Golf Tournament. Concurrently, the ballroom of South Shore Harbour was being readied for a day of bling, fashion, entertainment and an auction of eligible bachelors. Guests attending the Sentinels of Freedom Luncheon enjoyed a great spring fashion show, flamenco dancing, a visit from ‘Mae West’ and a special tribute to breast cancer survivors. 

On Friday, March 26 the excitement continued with a Texas Black Tie Dinner at South Shore Harbour Resort ballroom.  This elegant black and white affair was heartfelt and included a special tribute by the 1st Calvary Division Horse Calvary Detachment from Fort Hood honoring our missing soldiers.  ‘Terminte’ Watkins was the guest speaker; filled with passion and stories of working with young Iraqis boxing their way to the Olympic trials. 

The Sentinels of Freedom – Bay Area are Donny Daughenbaugh and Ryan Sykes.  Be sure to look for this event in the spring of 2011, it will be a sellout.

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