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April 11 - Lakewood Yacht Club's 55th Annual Blessing of the Fleet - Seabrook

Still keeping with 55 years of tradition, the Blessing of the Fleet was held yesterday at Lakewood Yacht Club.  The club was decorated with red, white and blue ribbons.  Flags lined the walkways, flowers in full bloom and grounds perfectly manicured. Boats washed and waxed and adorned with festive signal flags. Listen in as Commodore Don Rauscher fills Talk of the Bay in with this grand annual event.

The theme of course was nautical.  The men in white slacks and dark blazers and women also in white and blue attire.  Many of which wore wide brim sun hats. 

Very ceremonial, the names of the captains and their first mate were called as they made way to their vessel.  Cannon was shot and the first mate struck the bow with the bottle of champagne.  Entertainment was provided by Sam Houston state marching band and bagpipers from St Thomas Episcopal school. 

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IMG_3300.jpg IMG_3302.jpg IMG_3303.jpg IMG_3305.jpg
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IMG_3345 IMG_3346 IMG_3347 IMG_3348
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IMG_3358 IMG_3359 IMG_3360 IMG_3362
IMG_3358.jpg IMG_3359.jpg IMG_3360.jpg IMG_3362.jpg
IMG_3363 IMG_3364 IMG_3367 IMG_3369
IMG_3363.jpg IMG_3364.jpg IMG_3367.jpg IMG_3369.jpg
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IMG_3380 IMG_3381 IMG_3382 IMG_3385
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IMG_3386.jpg IMG_3387.jpg IMG_3389.jpg IMG_3391.jpg
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IMG_3399 IMG_3400 IMG_3401 IMG_3402
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