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May 22 – Boys & Girls Harbor Good Skipper Gala -  League City

Ken Womack joined the Boys & Girls Harbor 5 years ago. Now, in 2010 Ken has been named the Good Skipper Honoree for his service and dedication to the Harbor organization. 

The evening was filled with excitement as guests visited with and listened to special speaker Captain Richard Phillips. In 2009, Capt. Phillips and his crew of the Maersk Alabama; a U.S. flagged cargo ship; were attacked and boarded by Somali pirates. Relating his experience, Capt. Phillips received a loud cheer as he explained how the U.S. Navy Seals overcame the pirates and basically kicked their butts.

Listen in as Talk of the Bay visits with Captain Phillips and Tracy Halverson, of the Boys & Girls Harbor.    

Without a doubt, this is a wonderful organization that lovingly cares for  children around the area.

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