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CIS-Bay Area Breakfast Celebrates Dropout Prevention Program

    Communities In Schools - Bay Area (CIS-Bay Area) recently celebrated the dropout prevention program's work with a breakfast at Bailey's American Grille in Seabrook. Special honorees were the members of The Assistance League of the Bay Area (ALBA).

    ALBA has worked in partnership with CIS-Bay Area for 20 years in meeting the needs of students who are at risk of dropping out of school. The CIS-Bay Area program serves 15 campuses in Clear Creek and Dickinson Independent School Districts.

    A founding member of ALBA Joy Smitherman spoke to the attendees about her experiences in mentoring several students. A plaque recognizing ALBA's work was presented to the group's president Ann Latimer.

    Brad Bailey, owner of Bailey's American Grille, hosted the breakfast attended by more than 100 guests.

Communities In Schools check out their website!

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