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Amoco FCU

May 4 – Diva’s Denim and Diamonds – League City

From the moment the doors opened, we knew this event would be a huge success and it was. Ladies flowed into the reception area where they were free to shop, try new products and talk with shop owners. Friends traveled together booth to booth browsing through boutique bling, cute flip flops to specialty health care. More than 200 ladies were in a shop till you drop mode. 

About midway through the event, guests enjoyed a tasty dinner sponsored by La Brisa, although there was as much dancing and hand waving going on as there was dining. Southbound, a talented duo, thoroughly entertained the Diva’s with their old time rock and roll tunes. Yup, throw in a couple of margaritas, some great dance music and you’ll get a lot of ladies out on the dance floor. After all, girls just wanna have fun!

Special guests for the evening were the Houston Men on Fire, Houston Fire Fighters. These brave young men provided entertainment for an impromptu auction where Black Rose Steel led the way to raising $500 for the firefighters’ charities. Listen in as Talk of the Bay visits with some of the ladies at the event.

This, first year event, was a sell out and there is no doubt it will sell out again, next year.  So put a note on your calendar to buy your tickets early for Divas Denim and Diamonds 201. check out the sparkly pics... wanna know what's happening in the Bay Area? Sign up for the eTalk of the Bay, there's no cost...just fun.

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