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June 23 - BABA and Sentinels of Freedom League City Present Homes – League City

Bay Area Builders Association Support Our Troops/Operation FINALLY HOME and Sentinels of Freedom League City presented not one but two beautiful homes to two of our nation’s wounded soldiers and their families; USMC Corporal Donny Daughenbaugh and Sergeant Alexander Reyes.

Severely wounded United States Marine Corporal (retired) Donny Daughenbaugh sustained severe injuries when on October 12, 2004, in Mahmoudiya, a city south of Baghdad, Donny was on a night foot patrol when a vehicle sped past his unit, screeched to a stop and opened fire on them with an AK-47. Donny was shot in the face by the attackers. The bullet barreled through his left cheekbone and lodged between the base of his skull and his top vertebra, fracturing his jawbone and just missing his vital nerves and brain by millimeters. A metal plate was placed to repair his jaw and the bullet was left in place because it was too close to his brain to remove. Donny is married with two children.

Sergeant Alexander Reyes was deployed to Baghdad, Iraq in June 2006 where he served as a 240B machine gunner. On March 2007 while conducting a dismounted patrol, Alexander was injured by an IED blast that cause catastrophic injuries’ to the complete right side of his body. Alexander was sent to Brooke Army Medical Center, Texas for treatment for his wounds. Alexander was then transferred to Warm Springs Rehabilitation Hospital and then finally medically retired from the Army in August 2007.  Alexander is married with no children at this time. 

Filled with excitement and emotion the presentation hosted many area dignitaries including the Mayor of League City Toni Randall, State Representative Larry Taylor and Judge Yarborough. Aptly stated by the Judge “These men and their families have already paid for their homes”  

Listen in as Daniel Vargas, tells Talk of the Bay a little bit about BABA and the presentation we were honored to attend. for more info, visit their website

God bless America and our soldiers. check out the photos...

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