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Only For A Few Weeks – Yummy Fresh Cantaloupes – League City

Some of the best cantaloupes you will ever taste can be found right in the bay area, on Hwy 3 between FM518 and Hwy 96, in League City. Raised and harvested from what used to be a river bed these Ambrosia cantaloupes are a hibred; a cross between a peach and a cantaloupe. They are golden orange and really yummy!

The Daro family farm has been in the same location since 1920. In fact, Johnnie Daro now 88 years old was born where the McCoys hardware store now stands. Johnnie, known affectionately as “The Cantaloupe Man” took over the family farm in 1959. Along with his sisters Margaret Bilotta 75 and Catherine Palermo 77 these family members have worked this farmland all their lives. Each day, during the harvesting season, you will find these folks handpicking melons and putting them into a wagon pulled by a tractor that Johnnie drives. During the heat of the day, they go inside and relax, then they’re at it again as the sun starts to set. 

When we asked Johnnie what made his melons so tasty, he attributed it to the type of seeds that he selects, the pure well water used to irrigate the crop and tender loving care. 

Franklin, Catherine’s son has now signed up as the third generation farm manager and will take over operations; that is when and IF Johnnie and his sisters ever decide to retire. 

You won’t find these marvelous melons in any grocery store, the reason being is that they have a very short shelf life. So get down to the farm, buy what you can eat in a few days, eat what you buy, then come back for more. But hurry because they sell out each and every day.

Listen in to Talk of the Bay as Johnnie, Catherine and Margaret talk about their farm and its wonderful produce. Enjoy!

Editor’s Note: Stay tuned, we’ll let you know when the sweet watermelons will be ready for your table.

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