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Amoco FCU

Fun at South Shore Harbour Resort League City, Tx

South Shore Harbour Resort and Conference Center is the jewel of the Bay Area. Overlooking a 1000+ boat slip marina, Clear Lake and the infamous lighthouse, it is the premier spot for your getaway, family reunion, meeting, group banquets and weddings. South Shore Harbour Resort

With over 25, 000 square feet of meeting space, 240 guest rooms including Marina Suites overlooking the lake and Bi-Level Penthouse suites with panoramic views, you are certain to enjoy the casual elegance the Resort has to offer.

The summer weekends are always a hit at South Shore. As a guest of the hotel enjoy the 185 foot tropical pool with swim-up bar and light fare served seven days a week (seasonal). On Saturday afternoons you can enjoy your libations along with musical entertainment and get a great tan!

The lobby lounge located off of the main lobby in the Resort also offers beautiful sunsets and marina views and is open seven days a week. You can order your favorite drink and enjoy dinner in the casual atmosphere. And, Friday nights offer live entertainment from 7p-11p.

Complete your weekend with the fabulous Sunday Champagne Brunch. Sleep in and enjoy the tasty cuisine the Resorts culinary team puts together. From a wonderful breakfast buffet and omelet station to the fabulous Sunday brunch, you are certain to not walk away hungry!

Come visit and enjoy the scenery and the comforts of your home away from home. You won’t be disappointed! check out the website

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IMG_9658.jpg IMG_9659.jpg IMG_9660.jpg IMG_9661.jpg
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IMG_9695.jpg IMG_9696.jpg IMG_9697.jpg IMG_9698.jpg
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IMG_9699.jpg IMG_9700.jpg IMG_9701.jpg IMG_9702.jpg
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IMG_9703.jpg IMG_9704.jpg IMG_9705.jpg IMG_9706.jpg
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IMG_9748.jpg IMG_9749.jpg IMG_9750.jpg IMG_9751.jpg
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IMG_9752.jpg IMG_9753.jpg IMG_9754.jpg IMG_9755.jpg
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IMG_9756.jpg IMG_9757.jpg IMG_9758.jpg IMG_9759.jpg
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IMG_9760.jpg IMG_9761.jpg IMG_9762.jpg IMG_9814.jpg
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IMG_9816.jpg IMG_9817.jpg IMG_9820.jpg IMG_9825.jpg
IMG_9826 IMG_9844 IMG_9857 IMG_9877
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IMG_9885.jpg IMG_9899.jpg IMG_9902.jpg IMG_9903.jpg
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IMG_9986.jpg IMG_9988.jpg IMG_9989.jpg IMG_9991.jpg
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