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July 29 – Men Who Cook – League City

The 8th annual Men Who Cook was a huge success.  Changing things up this year, the organizing committee lead by Chairperson, Robin Stowe and Co-Chairperson  Laverne Williams came up with a 1950’s theme.  The Crystal Ballroom at the South Shore Harbour Resort was transformed into a room of soda jerks, beehive hair-dos, poodles skirts, bobby socks and tennis shoes. And creative chefs lined the ballroom displaying and serving their culinary master pieces.  It was wall to wall yummy!

The highlight of the evening had to be the auctioning off of 3 handsome bachelors.  It was a very lively bidding process happening around the room, all vying for their favorite bachelor and the grand prize of dinner for two on the Fantasea.

Listen in, Talk of the Bay touches base with Johnette Norman, Chairman of the Board for the League City Chamber.

Great live entertainment was provided by Southbound as dancers bopped themselves around the dance floor. Be sure to put this one on your calendar for next year. 

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