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Eddie Harper & Paul Fjelsta

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August 13 – Kemah Kasuals Auction & Style Show - Kemah - gallery 1 - galley 2

Unique items including fishing and hunting trips, wine tastings, and original art were all offered up for auction at the Kemah Kasuals Auction & Style Show. Mayor Matt Wiggins, entertained guests while coxing higher bids, raising money for the upcoming weekend in November when Kemah will play host to wounded warriors. 

Entertainment was provided by the very talented Mickey Hobbs and a fun style show hosted by local boutiques and shops. Listen in to Talk of the Bay as we visit with several guests attending the first annual Kemah Kasuals Auction & Style Show

Salute to Service – Kemah, Texas will be held November 11 – 14. Honoring our wounded soldiers and veterans, these four days promise to be filled with an array of military and land activities. Static displays, a fishing tournament, appreciation ceremony, BBQ feasts and live music will all be a part of this true patriotic weekend.

Stay tuned for information on the second fundraiser, a Golf Scramble to be held in October. Contact the Kemah Visitors Center for additional information 281-334-3181. check out the pics...

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IMG_3759.jpg IMG_3760.jpg IMG_3761.jpg IMG_3763.jpg
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IMG_5565 IMG_5567 IMG_5569 IMG_5572
IMG_5565.jpg IMG_5567.jpg IMG_5569.jpg IMG_5572.jpg
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