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Southwest Little League Champions Parade | Pearland Parade|

As the pictures and video help to capture, the Pearland community came out in full force to cheer the accomplishments of the 2010 Pearland Little League team upon their return from the World Series in Williamsport Pennsylvania. Our parade coverage began with heartwarming interactions with the players and their families. We met the parade in the parking lot of the First Baptist Church as they were staging the floats and escort vehicles. Pearland Police officer Robert Little was on his mountain bike preparing to escort the boys when one of the players sprang from the back of his assigned pickup truck to greet him. As it turned out,

Officer Little had once coached Chris Leger in T-ball. Robert was so happy that he remembered him and was admittedly choked up by the gesture. I visited with him a little longer and learned that his own son and his father died a few years back in a small engine plane crash. 

We saw several neighbors and friends long the parade route and had a chance to chat with Beau and Jake Orlando who recounted their experiences in Williamsport. Jake thought it was fun to have “girl fans” but says he’s still waiting for that special young lady before he considered claiming a “girlfriend.” I assured him that he had plenty of time. They each recounted their favorite moment of the season was when they managed to shut down Auburn in the sixth inning with two forced outs at Third and a strike out to end to game.

When the parade made its way to City Hall, Mayor Tom Reid, Pearland City Council and a host of local and State dignitaries waited for their chance to present proclamations and congratulations to the boys and their coaches. The ceremony was opened with a heartfelt and patriotic invocation by Councilman Steve Saboe who made us proud to live in Pearland Texas where our public officials are still willing to pray in front of others. The players and coaches were introduced and presented with medals and a Proclamation by the Honorable Tom Reid who named September 11th 2010 as Pearland Little League All-Star Day. 

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IMG_6118.jpg IMG_6119.jpg IMG_6120.jpg IMG_6121.jpg
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