A Peek at the Island of Maui 09

photos by Chiquita and Paul

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January 5 – A Peek at the Island of Maui – Hawaii

Looking out to the horizon, the sunset frames the islands of Lanai, Kahoolawe and just a little further East the island of Molokai. All three islands are clearly visible from the Lahaina shoreline. Primarily known for its beautiful golf courses, Maui offers every amenity and adventure you could want on a vacation. listen in with Talk of the Bay

Up for a hike? You’ll find the Kapalua Golf Resort, in Kaanapali, the starting point for a great seven mile hiking adventure; part of the Maunalei Arboretum Trail. There are also wonderful nature trails, along the winding road to Hana. You can wonder through bamboo forests, and be mesmerized by Swamp Mahogany and Paper Bark trees reaching well over 200 feet. And if you’re lucky you may find a tree that sings to you. Yup, these strange noises happen when a tree branch ‘rubs’ against the trunk or branch of another tree, at just the right angle. The ‘rub’ causes some very interesting sounds that echo through the forest. Then there is the trip up to Haleakala, an extinct volcano, which provides an awesome view of the Big Island of Hawaii. It is also a reminder that Madame Pele can certainly have her way with the landscape. There are several hiking opportunities along the crater itself. Take a light jacket, it can get windy and chilly.

About 22 miles down, from the Haleakala summit, is the Eco Adventure company where we were introduced to zip-lining. Wearing rock climbing rigging and a helmet, tour guides hook you up to a cable, give you a few simple instructions and off you go zipping from one tree to another about 150’ off the ground. Tarzan, eat your heart out! If you’re into a quick thrill, you’ll have to try this one!

For casual dining with a spectacular view, check out Kimo’s in Lahaina. For an evening of fine dining we suggest the Lahaina Grill in Lahaina Town, land locked but excellent service and great food. And for your romantic sunset dining on the water you’ll find wonderful dining at Merriman’s where the Pacific Ocean splashes up on the shoreline in front of your table.

Moving South, along the coastline, take the time to hang out at Wailea. This area has some of the finest resorts, on the island. Sarento’s is the recommended dining experience; they have a great wine selection.

Like the rest of the Hawaiian islands, Maui is home to the green sea turtles; wonderful creatures that can span more than 3 feet across and will come right up to you but don’t touch them, they’re a protected species. And speaking of wonderful sea creatures, the month of December opens up the whale watching season. Humpback whales migrate to the Hawaiian Islands to enjoy the warmer temperatures and the abundant plankton. These mammals are huge and can be seen from boats or even, if you are lucky, from the shoreline. Keep an eye out for these beauties, you will be thrilled when you spot one.

Whether you golf, hike, dive, snorkel or just relax, enjoy your stay and soak up all of that aloha tradition.

Editor’s Note: Our music is provided by an 11 year old local boy named Ikona. Enjoy!


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