An Evening of Art in Motion

photography by Paul Fjelsta
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An Evening of Art In Motion – Clear Lake

Greeting guests at the door were a king sized royal couple. The King and Queen of Clear Lake Art Alliance were at least 8 feet tall, dressed in royal garb from head to toe. What a clever and entertaining start to a wonderful evening!

Saluting the Ten Grande Dames with a portrait exhibition by Pamela Culpepper, event attendees were given the opportunity to see, hear, and enjoy beautiful works of art in motion.

Listen in as co-coordinators Mary Williams and Angie Weinman tell Talk of the Bay about all the fun things planned for the evening. Included in the evening was a wonderfully creative and hugely imaginative fashion show of true art in motion. Dresses made from things you’d find in a restaurant, chopsticks, orange rinds, box labels and anything else you’d never think of using for attire, were put together and shown off on the runway.

Benefitting The Art Alliance Center at Clear Lake, this was truly an evening of wonder art in motion.

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