Brandon Backe 3rd Annual Fishing Tournament
photography by Eddie Harper
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Brandon Backe Fishing Tournament Saturday, November 18, 2007

About 100 fishermen came out to the Galveston Yacht Club to compete in the 3rd annual Brandon Backe Fishing Tournament. It turned out to be a good day for fishing. Four hundred and twelve pounds of flounders, redfish, and trout were caught and weighed in to determine who would walk away with bragging rights.
The tournament is a fund raiser for the Shriners Burns Hospital in Galveston. Helping Brandon with the organization of the tournament is his dad, Harold Backe who works at the hospital as the Maintenance Manager.

Listen in as Scott Given, a member of the El Mina Shrine Center; special guests Ariel and his mom Lois; Ed Matthews, Weighmaster and some of the tournament fishermen tell Talk of the Bay how special this tournament really is.

Many thanks to Kim Watts, of Martha Turner Properties, for being the Platinum Sponsor this year. For more information on the Brandon Backe Fishing Tournament contact Harold Backe at 409-770-6638 or

* A special note by Eddie Harper of I have photographed many events and witnessed many special moments. None have ever matched what I saw at this event. It all started with the reading of note that explained the significance of the flag. It was enough to choke up the auctioneer (and the rest of us). The flag fulfilled the wishes of a fallen soldier, Nathan Givens (Scotty Givens son), sold for $4000. The buyer of the flag, Kim Watts unselfishly presented the flag back to Scotty. This was truly an act of respect and kindness, one moment that I will never forget. Hats off to Kim and her family and I thank them for the inspiration.

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