photos by Eddie Harper

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October 24 – ReMax Ballunar Festival – Nassau Bay                                 gallery 1        gallery 2        gallery 3        gallery 4

Sitting on the water’s edge, Nassau Bay is right in the middle of a lot of action and this past weekend was no exception. One of the largest and most spectacular events was held on the grounds of the Johnson Space Center, right at the front door of Nassau Bay.

There were balloon races, sky diving, rocket launchers, festival activities for the kids, lots of tasty food and vendors from all around the country; all in all it was a huge festival.

And speaking of balloons, there were big, bold, beautiful balloons of every color, design and even shape that you could imagine. There was even one balloon representing the Energizer Bunny. This huge, pink rabbit grew in front of us as the pilot and crew filled it up with hot air. From is padded pink paws to the top of its cute bunny ears, this balloon floats 10’ taller than the Statue of Liberty. Listen in as Talk of the Bay learns more about the art of ballooning.

Editor’s Note: Thanks so much to Al Saylor for allowing us to be ‘in the middle of it all’! You’re great.

DSC01301 DSC01302 DSC01304 DSC01311
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DSC01314 DSC01315 DSC01316 DSC01317
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IMG_0875.jpg IMG_0877.jpg IMG_0878.jpg IMG_0880.jpg
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IMG_0884.jpg IMG_1000.jpg IMG_1002.jpg IMG_1003.jpg
IMG_1005 IMG_1008 IMG_1010 IMG_1013
IMG_1005.jpg IMG_1008.jpg IMG_1010.jpg IMG_1013.jpg
IMG_1015 IMG_1016 IMG_1018 IMG_1020
IMG_1015.jpg IMG_1016.jpg IMG_1018.jpg IMG_1020.jpg
IMG_1022 IMG_1023 IMG_1025 IMG_1026
IMG_1022.jpg IMG_1023.jpg IMG_1025.jpg IMG_1026.jpg
IMG_1027 IMG_1028 IMG_1029 IMG_1030
IMG_1027.jpg IMG_1028.jpg IMG_1029.jpg IMG_1030.jpg
IMG_1031 IMG_1032 IMG_1035 IMG_1037
IMG_1031.jpg IMG_1032.jpg IMG_1035.jpg IMG_1037.jpg
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IMG_1048 IMG_1051 IMG_1052 IMG_1054
IMG_1048.jpg IMG_1051.jpg IMG_1052.jpg IMG_1054.jpg
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IMG_1056.jpg IMG_1057.jpg IMG_1058.jpg IMG_1060.jpg
IMG_1062 IMG_1064 IMG_1065 IMG_1066
IMG_1062.jpg IMG_1064.jpg IMG_1065.jpg IMG_1066.jpg
IMG_1067 IMG_1068 IMG_1070 IMG_1071
IMG_1067.jpg IMG_1068.jpg IMG_1070.jpg IMG_1071.jpg
IMG_1072 IMG_1073 IMG_1074 IMG_1077
IMG_1072.jpg IMG_1073.jpg IMG_1074.jpg IMG_1077.jpg
IMG_1078 IMG_1080 IMG_1081 IMG_1082
IMG_1078.jpg IMG_1080.jpg IMG_1081.jpg IMG_1082.jpg
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IMG_1083.jpg IMG_1084.jpg IMG_1085.jpg IMG_1087.jpg
IMG_1088 IMG_1089 IMG_1090 IMG_1091
IMG_1088.jpg IMG_1089.jpg IMG_1090.jpg IMG_1091.jpg
IMG_1092 IMG_1093 IMG_1094 IMG_1096
IMG_1092.jpg IMG_1093.jpg IMG_1094.jpg IMG_1096.jpg
IMG_1098 IMG_1099 IMG_1100 IMG_1105
IMG_1098.jpg IMG_1099.jpg IMG_1100.jpg IMG_1105.jpg
IMG_1106 IMG_1108 IMG_1110 IMG_1111
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IMG_1126 IMG_1127 IMG_1128 IMG_1129
IMG_1126.jpg IMG_1127.jpg IMG_1128.jpg IMG_1129.jpg
IMG_1130 IMG_1131 IMG_1132 IMG_1133
IMG_1130.jpg IMG_1131.jpg IMG_1132.jpg IMG_1133.jpg
IMG_1134 IMG_1135 IMG_1136 IMG_1137
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IMG_1138 IMG_1139 IMG_1141 IMG_1142
IMG_1138.jpg IMG_1139.jpg IMG_1141.jpg IMG_1142.jpg
IMG_1143 IMG_1144 IMG_1146 IMG_1148
IMG_1143.jpg IMG_1144.jpg IMG_1146.jpg IMG_1148.jpg
IMG_1150 IMG_1151 IMG_1152 IMG_1153
IMG_1150.jpg IMG_1151.jpg IMG_1152.jpg IMG_1153.jpg
IMG_1154 IMG_1155 IMG_1157 IMG_1158
IMG_1154.jpg IMG_1155.jpg IMG_1157.jpg IMG_1158.jpg
IMG_1159 IMG_1161 IMG_1162 IMG_1163
IMG_1159.jpg IMG_1161.jpg IMG_1162.jpg IMG_1163.jpg
IMG_1164 IMG_1166 IMG_1167 IMG_1169
IMG_1164.jpg IMG_1166.jpg IMG_1167.jpg IMG_1169.jpg
IMG_1170 IMG_1171 IMG_1173 IMG_1174
IMG_1170.jpg IMG_1171.jpg IMG_1173.jpg IMG_1174.jpg
IMG_1175 IMG_1176 IMG_1177 IMG_1221
IMG_1175.jpg IMG_1176.jpg IMG_1177.jpg IMG_1221.jpg
IMG_1224 IMG_1225 IMG_1226 IMG_1227
IMG_1224.jpg IMG_1225.jpg IMG_1226.jpg IMG_1227.jpg
IMG_1228 IMG_1229 IMG_1231 IMG_1233
IMG_1228.jpg IMG_1229.jpg IMG_1231.jpg IMG_1233.jpg
IMG_1234 IMG_1235 IMG_1237 IMG_1241
IMG_1234.jpg IMG_1235.jpg IMG_1237.jpg IMG_1241.jpg
IMG_1242 IMG_1244 IMG_1245 IMG_1268
IMG_1242.jpg IMG_1244.jpg IMG_1245.jpg IMG_1268.jpg
IMG_1269 IMG_1270 IMG_1271 IMG_1272
IMG_1269.jpg IMG_1270.jpg IMG_1271.jpg IMG_1272.jpg
IMG_1275 IMG_1279 IMG_1280 IMG_1282
IMG_1275.jpg IMG_1279.jpg IMG_1280.jpg IMG_1282.jpg
IMG_1284 IMG_1285 IMG_1286 IMG_1289
IMG_1284.jpg IMG_1285.jpg IMG_1286.jpg IMG_1289.jpg
IMG_1290 IMG_1291 IMG_1296 IMG_1297
IMG_1290.jpg IMG_1291.jpg IMG_1296.jpg IMG_1297.jpg
IMG_1300 IMG_1302 IMG_1303 IMG_1304
IMG_1300.jpg IMG_1302.jpg IMG_1303.jpg IMG_1304.jpg
IMG_1307 IMG_1375 IMG_1376 IMG_1377
IMG_1307.jpg IMG_1375.jpg IMG_1376.jpg IMG_1377.jpg
IMG_1380 IMG_1381 IMG_1382 IMG_1384
IMG_1380.jpg IMG_1381.jpg IMG_1382.jpg IMG_1384.jpg
IMG_1609 IMG_1610 IMG_1613 IMG_1614
IMG_1609.jpg IMG_1610.jpg IMG_1613.jpg IMG_1614.jpg
IMG_1618 IMG_1620 IMG_1622 IMG_1626
IMG_1618.jpg IMG_1620.jpg IMG_1622.jpg IMG_1626.jpg
IMG_1628 IMG_1630    
IMG_1628.jpg IMG_1630.jpg