photos by Eddie Harper

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October 24 – ReMax Ballunar Festival – Nassau Bay                                 gallery 1        gallery 2        gallery 3        gallery 4

Sitting on the water’s edge, Nassau Bay is right in the middle of a lot of action and this past weekend was no exception. One of the largest and most spectacular events was held on the grounds of the Johnson Space Center, right at the front door of Nassau Bay.

There were balloon races, sky diving, rocket launchers, festival activities for the kids, lots of tasty food and vendors from all around the country; all in all it was a huge festival.

And speaking of balloons, there were big, bold, beautiful balloons of every color, design and even shape that you could imagine. There was even one balloon representing the Energizer Bunny. This huge, pink rabbit grew in front of us as the pilot and crew filled it up with hot air. From is padded pink paws to the top of its cute bunny ears, this balloon floats 10’ taller than the Statue of Liberty. Listen in as Talk of the Bay learns more about the art of ballooning.

Editor’s Note: Thanks so much to Al Saylor for allowing us to be ‘in the middle of it all’! You’re great.

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