Bike Around the Bay Volunteer Event 08


photos by Eddie Harper

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Galveston Bay Foundation’s Volunteer Weekend – Galveston

So many bay area families and residents were impacted by Hurricane Ike. It was impressive to see volunteers taking time out from their own tasks to help with Galveston’s recovery.

The Galveston Bay Foundation(GBF) had originally planned to host a 2 day bike ride, Bike Around the Bay, this weekend but then Hurricane Ike changed their plans. So in response, GBF gathered up the troops, changed direction and organized a 2 day volunteer cleanup effort; and effort it was. This was no easy task, with thousands of pounds of debris washing ashore, it was a huge effort to get this trash picked up.

The clean up targets were the State Park, on Galveston Island, and Virginia Point. Both of these locations are part of Galveston’s natural resources, both important to the bay area. We caught up with this group of ambitious people on Sunday; listen in to Talk of the Bay to hear what they had to say about this experience.

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