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August 13 – Butler Longhorn Museum – League City

Rodeo clowns, ladies in Victorian dresses and dapper gentlemen gathered at the Butler Longhorn Museum, in League City. Lead by and under the guidance of Jennifer Wycoff, the museum is an exhibit history for League City, the state of Texas and of course for Longhorn Breeders. And it has the largest collection of Longhorn in the world.

Nearing completion, the museum is coming together well. Listen in as Jennifer tells Talk of the Bay, the latest status of the museum and former Galveston County Judge, Roy Holbrook, remembers a little history.

The wonderful music was performed by the very talented Ebony Cowgirl, Donna B. Need more info, then visit

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IMG_2848.jpg IMG_2849.jpg IMG_2850.jpg IMG_2851.jpg
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IMG_2858.jpg IMG_2859.jpg IMG_2860.jpg IMG_2861.jpg
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IMG_2894.jpg IMG_2895.jpg IMG_2896.jpg IMG_2897.jpg
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