Butler Longhorn Museum


photography by Eddie Harper
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Butler’s Longhorn Museum Appreciation Party– League City

When you walk into the Butler Longhorn Museum the first thing that catches your eye are the western style murals on the walls. These murals were done by graffiti artist ‘Skeez’ and his friend ‘Color One’. The second thing that catches your eye is the fact that this museum has a bar. Yup, you can belly up and order a cold one…well okay, maybe not always but on this appreciation night we did.

The museum is coming together, taking shape and museum curator, Jennifer Wycoffvan der Wal is overseeing the work to establish a Guinness record for the most longhorn skulls. With a little bit of luck and help from The Friends of the Butler Longhorn Museum, Jennifer will have the museum ready to open this Spring.

Listen in as Jennifer, Skeez and some of the museum goers share their excitement about the museum with Talk of the Bay. And you’ll get a little taste of some great western music by the lovely Misslette, The Singing Cowgirl.

For information about this piece of League City history visit www.ButlerLonghornMuseum.com

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