photos by Eddie Harper

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November 20 thru 22 - Christmas in Kemah – Kemah Lighthouse District

Santa came rolling in on a fire truck and kiddos, standing on the door steps, were cheering him as he walked into the room. Then Santa worked his magic and turned the twinkling lights on all the trees in the front of the Kemah Visitors Center. Beautiful Christmas magic!

This was the kickoff for Christmas in Kemah. The merchants have all decorated their shops, the wassail is brewing inside and there are wonderful gift ideas everywhere.

There were Christmas carolers, bands playing lively Christmas music and street entertainers roaming throughout the Lighthouse District. The merchants are friendly and have some unique gift ideas; what a wonderful way to shop.

Listen in as Domino Taylor, at the Kemah Visitors Center, tells Talk of the Bay about the excitement happening all season long at the Kemah Lighthouse District.

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IMG_5237.jpg IMG_5238.jpg IMG_5239.jpg IMG_5240.jpg
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IMG_5241.jpg IMG_5242.jpg IMG_5244.jpg IMG_5245.jpg
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IMG_5259.jpg IMG_5260.jpg IMG_5261.jpg