Clear Creek Cleanup – Seabrook 09

photos by Chiquita

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January 10- Clear Creek Environmental Foundation Cleanup – Seabrook

It was a windy morning and the cold front had just blown in, but the group of kids from Sugar Creek Baptist Church kept working. Wearing blue t-shirts, knee high waders, gloves and a smile these kids pulled, tugged and wrestled with debris left behind by Ike. Pieces of gym equipment buried under commercial air conditioner units, sheets of metal curled up like a spring, huge pieces of unrecognizable debris all poking up out of the water, these are some of the challenges facing Rex Ward, the Keeper of the Creek, and the Clear Creek Environmental Foundation.

Each year, this foundation pulls tons of debris out of Clear Creek, this year their challenge is to get the debris out of Clear Lake and its tributaries BEFORE it gets into the creek.

Listen in as Jim Grimes, the President of the Clear Creek Environmental Foundation tells Talk of the Bay what this group, of hardy volunteers, is doing to clean up our bay area.

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