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photos by Eddie Harper 

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February 21 – Clear Creek Cleanup ’09 – Clear Lake

For several weeks now, Eddie and I have been following the work of the Clear Creek Environmental Foundation (CCEF).

We have watched them pull everything imaginable out of the waters in our bay area. Golf carts, seafood storage units, cars, commercial fans, and building materials from what used to be Maribelle’s and other establishments, in the area. It has been an amazing sight to see.

Saturday, February 21 was the culmination of their effort. For the last 9 years, CCEF has pulled out a total 103 tons of trash, from Clear Creek. This year, Rex Ward, the Keeper of the Creek, has been leading this group’s effort to the tune of picking up and pulling out more than 200 tons of trash! Trash that now will be recycled rather than float down into Clear Creek.

It took a little time to push the huge multi unit barge down the creek to the 270 landing. But once it got there, with the help of hundreds of volunteers, the barge of trash was unloaded and thrown into huge trash bins, to be sent away for proper disposal or recycling.

Listen in to Talk of the Bay, as we talk with some of the volunteers working to help clean up our bay area.

For more information about the Clear Creek Environmental Foundation visit .

Many thanks to Jason Pruns, he was Eddie’s pilot for the morning. With more than 6 years of experience, Jason focuses on flight training, for both airplanes & helicopters. So, if you’re ever in need of a helicopter call Ascent Aviation at 281-867-5464.

Jason, you truly sent Eddie up the creek…without a paddle!

Editor’s Note: We apologize for the poor audio quality. check out the video...

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