Clear Creek Cleanup 2008

photography by Chiquita Taylor & Paul Fjelsta
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Clear Creek Cleanup – Feb. 23 – Clear Lake Area

The Clear Creek Environmental Foundation (CCEF) is instrumental in bringing attention to past neglect and degradation of Clear Creek. And attention they did bring. Hundreds of volunteers, dedicated to preserving and restoring the natural habitat of Clear Creek, showed up early Saturday morning at the League City Boat Ramp on Hwy. 270.

Volunteers were shuttled via boats to ‘safe spots’ along Clear Creek to pick up plastic, TV monitors, a picnic table and yes, even an engine block. Saturday, was the culmination of this 7 week project and it was amazing. For almost 2 months, volunteers have been cleaning up Clear Creek and loading that trash on to 3 barges. What a sight it was to see those barges coming down the creek, to the unloading zone.

Hundreds of volunteers, high school kids, families, and men and women who cared came to help unload those barges. More than 15 tons of trash and things you can’t even imagine were hauled off of the barges and into huge commercial trash containers.

Rex Ward, the Keeper of the Creek, founded this effort in 1999. A true labor of love and with the passion of a man who truly cares, Rex and his volunteers exceeded the 100 ton mark in trash collected, during this collection. More than 4200 tires, 70 gallons of oil and 400 refrigerators, freezers and appliances have also been collected.

Listen in as volunteers, crew and Rex tell
Talk of the Bay, what its like to get out and make a difference.

Rex says that passion and people can make a difference. I’d like to add another…participation. People with passion and the willingness to participate do make a difference.

Did you know that no matter where you live, you are always in a watershed. A watershed is an area of land that drains to a particular creek, river, bayou or lake. Clear Creek is the watershed for 260 square miles of land stretching from Pearland to League City. The water, and whatever else is in the creek feeds Clear Lake and eventually Galveston Bay.

For more information about the Clear Creek Environmental Foundation visit or call Rex Ward at 281-910-8774

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