Clear Lake Crawfish Fest 08
photos by Eddie Harper
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Clear Lake Crawfish Festival – Clear Lake Area

3000 pounds of crawfish were purged, cooked, served and eaten at the Clear Lake Crawfish Festival held at Landolt Pavilion this past weekend. Some of the highlights, of this really fun event, included crawfish races, a silent auction and of course crawfish eating contests. Our very own Eddie Harper entered one heat and came in third but Eddie was the only one to make a live crawfish stand on its head! Now that is true talent.

Fun rides and games for the kids were scattered around the pavilion as was the gumbo cook off. This weekend Eddie teaches us how to put a crawfish to sleep, volunteers tell Talk of the Bay all about purging crawfish and listen in on one of the crawfish eating contests heats. Great family fun with lots of great food and great entertainment be sure to put this one on your calendar for next year. Thanks to the Tall and Short of It for the great tunes!

This year, held in conjunction with the Bay Area Rally, the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce hosts this annual event as a fundraiser for the 4th of July fireworks show, out on Clear Lake.

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