Dickens on the Strand 08

photos by Paul Fjelsta

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Dickens on the Strand 2008 – Galveston

It was a gorgeous weekend to stroll down The Strand; meeting, greeting and chatting with visitors from the days of Dickens. Queen Victoria herself, accompanied by her Beefeaters and Father Christmas, enjoyed the children playing in the streets while vendors hawked their wares and entertainers filled each corner with music of all sorts.

We started the morning off with a traditional English breakfast, in the Ashton Villa. Even in the stages of restoration, this lovely building is still able to recreate the ambience of yesteryear. Dining tables were arranged in the ballroom and breakfast was served as guests enjoyed the Celtic music of Wyndnwyre.

Listen in to Talk of the Bay as we enjoy the morning at the Ashton Villa and then the Dickens on the Strand.

For information on Wyndnwyre please visit www.wyndnwyre.com .

Years ago, Dickens on the Strand was started in order to raise funds to help with the restoration of the historic district of downtown Galveston. And now, after Ike, the funds raised by this event will help with the rebirth of the beautiful historic buildings in the downtown district.

For more information about the Galveston Historical Foundation please visit www.GalvestonHistory.com

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