Easter Bunny at the RR Museum

photography by Paul Fjelsta
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The Easter Bunny comes to the Railroad Museum – March 22 – Galveston

The train whistle was blowing and the horn was blowing, as the Easter Bunny rolled in on Track #5, at the Galveston Railroad Museum. Kids and their parents were excited and waiting for this adorable bunny to start the Easter Egg hunt at the museum.

Some of the little ones were shy and just watched this bigger than life bunny walk around. And some of them ran up and grabbed the Easter bunny around the legs and give her a huge hug. But all of the kids made a dash for the eggs when the hunt began.

Listen in as Talk of the Bay visits with some of these children as they enjoy their Easter morning.

Located at Rosenberg (25th Street) and Strand, the railroad museum is in the heart of the downtown Galveston historic district.

For more information about this museum and all it has to offer visit www.GalvestonRRMuseum.com 

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