Epicurean Evening


photography by Susan King and Paul Fjelsta
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Epicurean Evening, February 7 – Clear Lake

A culinary event not to be missed is the Epicurean Evening, hosted by the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce. Held on a Thursday night this year, Space Center Houston was filled with lively music, the smells of wonderful foods, and happy chatter from hundreds of guests. Tasting and enjoying samples from more than 40 bay area restaurants was the theme for the evening.

We stopped by and visited with many of the folks from our fine eateries. Listen in as Cathy Cheatam and Matt Webb of the Harbour Club, at South Shore Harbour Resort and John Ennis, publisher of the Scene and Bay Runner Magazines chatted with Talk of the Bay.

Patrick Guerra of the Marriott Houston at Hobby Airport tells us where he really got his secret recipe and Chad Landry and Rick Galyean, of the Nasa Hilton in Clear Lake talk about the latest happenings out at the Hilton. And Mark Valentino, owner of Valentino’s Seafood tells us about his yummy crab cakes.

No surprise here, Kevin Venable of Amoco Federal Credit Union was at the Epicurean Evening, once again supporting the chamber. Loved the chocolates Kevin! Don and Darla Billings, of Billings Jewelers, enjoyed the evening, with Don on a quest to find his favorite food. Laura and Skipper Dunham were taking time out from the food tasting to place their bids on silent auction items.

Food, beverages and live entertainment, what more could you ask for? The evening was fun filled, lively and a great way to visit with some of your favorite restaurants and hopefully find new ones to experience.

For more information about all the great events hosted by the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce visit www.ClearLakeArea.com . Be sure to check out the photos!

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