photos by Eddie Harper & Paul Fjelsta

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November 12 - A Fashion Show With A Mardi Gras Flair – League City                          gallery 1      gallery 2       gallery 3       gallery 4

Without a doubt, Mardi Gras came to League City. The theme for the Fashion Show With A Mardi Gras Flair was Under the Sea. The entire venue was flooded with blue lights, boas, feathers, sea shells and even live gold fish in the center pieces.

Lovely dancers from Jill Rauscher’s School of Dance, opened up the show with their interpretive ‘Under The Sea’ performance. The models, dressed as sea goddess, wore beautiful gowns from Jill’s Fashions and Bridal. They strolled and sashayed through the very lively crowd of Mardi Gras Krewes, friends and family.

The Jeanette Williams Foundation gave their founder, Dianne Troop, a standing ovation as she entered the room wearing a colorful pink cocktail dress and waist length flowing pink hair. Sparkling with rhinestones and pearls each model, representing their Krewe or organization, wore color coordinated wigs, shoes and dresses. It was a sea of beauty walking the runway.

And not to be outdone, Alex Petty of Z Krewe and Bob Stokes of the Galveston Bay Foundation strutted their way down the carpet in a combination of Zoot suits and tuxes with colorful accessories.

In the main room at Butler’s Courtyard was an amazing trunk show; shoes, gowns of every color, texture and style, accessories.

Note: and the Jeanette Williams Foundation would sincerely like to thank Butler’s Courtyard, Floors Today, All That Blooms, Friends of the Butler Longhorn Museum, Kiss N Tell Beauty, Jill Rauscher School of Dance, and Musical Cheers for all of their support. We couldn’t have done it without you. We would also like to thank all of our volunteers, Krewe members, friends, and family that came out to have a fun evening with us. We love you all.

Gallery 4

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IMG_6399 IMG_6402 IMG_6406 IMG_6407
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