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R.V. Karma: The Floating Classroom

Where the Sea of Discovery Meets the Shore of Understanding

photos by Eddie, Paul, and Chiquita
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Bay Day – May 17 - Kemah

Thousands of people will be attending the annual Bay Day Festival at the Kemah Boardwalk on Saturday, May 17. Hosted by the Galveston Bay Foundation, the mission of this festival is to educate people on the importance of the bay, in our everyday life. They relay this message through some very entertaining and interactive booths and some great exhibits. Eexhibits will be hosted by the Baytown Nature Center, Galveston Bay Estuary Program, the Gulf Coast Bird Observatory, the Gulf Coast Turtle and Tortoise Society and Reliant Energy.

This family oriented event also features puppet shows, education cruises on the Karma and a scavenger hunt. And to provide some great live entertainment will be one of the bay area favorites, Kelly McGuire.

Listen in on Talk of the Bay, as the Galveston Bay Foundation President, Bob Stokes tells us about the organization and Vanessa Mintzer tells us about Bay Day and Marsh Mania.

Event Information:
Bay Day Festival
Kemah Boardwalk
Saturday, May 17 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

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