photos by Paul Fjelsta

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June 6 – AIA Sandcastle Competition – Galveston

A nice breeze was coming off of the water, warm sun and thousands of people enjoying Galveston beach. It was a perfect day for the AIA Sandcastle Competition. More than 70 teams pulled together, came up with a theme and put their architectural skills to work. There seemed to be a theme amongst many of the teams but each structure was very different.

There were judges strolling past the displays judging t-shirts, team spirit, and of of course the sandcastles. Listen in to Talk of the Bay as we did our own stroll past the competitors on East Beach.

IMG_2740 IMG_2742 IMG_2743 IMG_2744
IMG_2740.jpg IMG_2742.jpg IMG_2743.jpg IMG_2744.jpg
IMG_2745 IMG_2746 IMG_2747 IMG_2748
IMG_2745.jpg IMG_2746.jpg IMG_2747.jpg IMG_2748.jpg
IMG_2749 IMG_2750 IMG_2751 IMG_2752
IMG_2749.jpg IMG_2750.jpg IMG_2751.jpg IMG_2752.jpg
IMG_2753 IMG_2754 IMG_2755 IMG_2756
IMG_2753.jpg IMG_2754.jpg IMG_2755.jpg IMG_2756.jpg
IMG_2757 IMG_2758 IMG_2759 IMG_2760
IMG_2757.jpg IMG_2758.jpg IMG_2759.jpg IMG_2760.jpg
IMG_2761 IMG_2762 IMG_2763 IMG_2764
IMG_2761.jpg IMG_2762.jpg IMG_2763.jpg IMG_2764.jpg
IMG_2765 IMG_2766 IMG_2767 IMG_2768
IMG_2765.jpg IMG_2766.jpg IMG_2767.jpg IMG_2768.jpg
IMG_2769 IMG_2770 IMG_2771 IMG_2772
IMG_2769.jpg IMG_2770.jpg IMG_2771.jpg IMG_2772.jpg
IMG_2773 IMG_2774 IMG_2775 IMG_2776
IMG_2773.jpg IMG_2774.jpg IMG_2775.jpg IMG_2776.jpg
IMG_2777 IMG_2778 IMG_2779 IMG_2780
IMG_2777.jpg IMG_2778.jpg IMG_2779.jpg IMG_2780.jpg
IMG_2781 IMG_2782 IMG_2783 IMG_2784
IMG_2781.jpg IMG_2782.jpg IMG_2783.jpg IMG_2784.jpg
IMG_2785 IMG_2786 IMG_2789 IMG_2790
IMG_2785.jpg IMG_2786.jpg IMG_2789.jpg IMG_2790.jpg
IMG_2791 IMG_2792 IMG_2793 IMG_2794
IMG_2791.jpg IMG_2792.jpg IMG_2793.jpg IMG_2794.jpg
IMG_2795 IMG_2796 IMG_2797 IMG_2798
IMG_2795.jpg IMG_2796.jpg IMG_2797.jpg IMG_2798.jpg
IMG_2799 IMG_2800 IMG_2801 IMG_2802
IMG_2799.jpg IMG_2800.jpg IMG_2801.jpg IMG_2802.jpg
IMG_2803 IMG_2804 IMG_2805 IMG_2806
IMG_2803.jpg IMG_2804.jpg IMG_2805.jpg IMG_2806.jpg
IMG_2807 IMG_2808 IMG_2809 IMG_2810
IMG_2807.jpg IMG_2808.jpg IMG_2809.jpg IMG_2810.jpg
IMG_2811 IMG_2812 IMG_2813 IMG_2814
IMG_2811.jpg IMG_2812.jpg IMG_2813.jpg IMG_2814.jpg
IMG_2815 IMG_2816 IMG_2817 IMG_2818
IMG_2815.jpg IMG_2816.jpg IMG_2817.jpg IMG_2818.jpg
IMG_2819 IMG_2820 IMG_2821 IMG_2822
IMG_2819.jpg IMG_2820.jpg IMG_2821.jpg IMG_2822.jpg
IMG_2823 IMG_2824    
IMG_2823.jpg IMG_2824.jpg