Galveston County Fair and Rodeo 08 1st weekend

photos by Eddie Harper
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Galveston County Fair and Rodeo April 11 – 19 – Galveston

The first weekend of the Galveston County Fair and Rodeo was a hoot and tons of fun. Everything that a county fair should be plus a rodeo. We watched young men ride both mechanical bulls and live bulls. Some stayed on while others went sailing through the air, everything you’d expect to see in a rodeo. And there was more food then you can imagine including a seafood cook off.

Listen in as Talk of the Bay visits with Judge Lonnie Cox at the Seafood Cook Off and J.J. and Brian of Krewe Babalu and The Other Cookers ‘R’ Always in Heat cook off team. This cook off team still reigns as the Gumbo Cook Off champions and I can tell you that they absolutely have the best grilled shrimp. Yummmmmmm.

Next weekend, through April 19 is the second week for this fair. The big venue is the BBQ cook off along with rodeo finals, live concerts, and tons of rides and food. So pack up the car and head on down to the Galveston County Fair Grounds. You’ll have a great time.


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