Gambrinus Coronation Ball Gallery 1

photography by Eddie Harper
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Krewe of Gambrinus Coronation Ball 2008– Galveston

So what do Mickey Mouse, Snow White, Cruella Deville, Raggedy Andy and Raggedy Ann all have in common? They are all members of the Krewe of Gambrinus! At least that’s what it seemed like at the coronation ball. Between beautiful gowns and handsome tuxedos, make believe characters were dancing to the beat of the renown Triumphs.

Let the good times roll and roll they did, from the traditional umbrella dance to the Cotton Eyed Joe, the night was filled with mardi gras fun and merriment. Quoting King John Stahlman says ‘You can’t have too much fun’.

Listen in as krewe members tell Talk of the Bay, just how much fun it really is to be a member of the Krewe of Gambrinus.

Be sure to be lined up along the seawall, between 22nd and 63rd, as King Gambrinus Lights Up the Night, on Saturday, January 26 at 6pm.

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