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photos by Eddie Harper

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Mardi Gras 2009 – Gambrinus Parade – Galveston

One of the largest Mardi Gras parades, in Galveston, is hosted by the Krewe of Gambrinus. This parade travels down the Seawall, to the delight of thousands of people. Huge mascots lean forward in front of the floats, each float representing the krewe’s theme for the season.

There are several ‘teams’ within the krewe itself. Each of these teams secretly plans, plots, prepares and finally reveals their costumes for their float; keeping within the overall theme for the krewe. The costumes are judged and then of course the winners are announced, all in the fun of Mardi Gras.

This year the theme was Dressed to the Nines. And did these teams use their imagination. Pimps to Golfers were dressed to the nines; lighted vests, feather boas, green wigs, and painted faces were everywhere. So much fun.

Listen in to Talk of the Bay and enjoy the Revelers and the judges as everyone enjoyed the Gambrinus Krewe as King Gambrinus Lights Up the Night.

Congratulations to the winners of the Krewe of Gambrinus costume contest:

1st. Dressed to Suit. The Kings of Hearts (playing cards).
2nd The 9th Hole. (Golfers with Tams)
3rd Dressed to Suit the Night (lighted vests and glasses)

check out the video

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IMG_2391.jpg IMG_2393.jpg IMG_2394.jpg IMG_2395.jpg
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IMG_2396.jpg IMG_2398.jpg IMG_2401.jpg IMG_2403.jpg
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