Gambrinus Parade

photography by Eddie Harper
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Krewe of Gambrinus Float Contest & Parade – Galveston

On Saturday, January 26, the Krewe of Gambrinus hosted the King of Gambrinus Lights up the Night, parade along the Seawall. Staging and judging took place at 22nd and the Seawall, where Gambrinus krewe members gathered to unveil their ‘secret’ themes for the float contest.

Listen in as we talk to parade revelers about their costumes, their floats and how much fun they are having. Mayor Thomas tells Talk of the Bay about judging the float contest and Captain of the Krewe of Gambrinus, George Black (aka Chief Penguin) announces the contest winners.

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Laissez les bon temps rouler!!

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IMG_5059.jpg IMG_5060.jpg IMG_5061.jpg IMG_5063.jpg
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IMG_5069.jpg IMG_5070.jpg IMG_5072.jpg IMG_5073.jpg
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IMG_5074.jpg IMG_5075.jpg IMG_5076.jpg IMG_5077.jpg
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