Good Skipper Gala 08

photos by Eddie Harper
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Good Skipper Gala – Clear Lake

The Good Skipper Gala, once again, was a beautiful evening. Hosted by the Boys & Girls Harbor and chaired by Amy and Paul Dunphey, Kelly and Paul Williams were honored as the Good Skippers of 2008.

The evening was filled with the great sounds of the PeeWee Bowen Band and the fun of a live auction which included a beautiful full length mink coat and wonderful trips.

Guests also enjoyed a ‘Pearl Dive’. Listen in on Talk of the Bay as Richard Gruen of the Boys and Girls Harbor, explains about what that is. And by the way, Kelly once sang and danced professionally after college, and we got the opportunity to hear this very talented lady. Way to go Kelly!

Founded in 1947, Boys & Girls Harbor has long served as a refuge for children ages 5 to 18, in crisis due to neglect, abandonment, abuse or family hardship.

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