photos by Eddie, Paul, and Chiquita

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April 24 thru 26 – Saint John the Theologian Greek Festival – Clear Lake  gallery 2

OPA! Wonderful Greek music, colorful dancing, food, friendly people and of course the wonderful Greek wines, what more do you need to have a great time?

Hundreds of bay area folks came out, to Landolt Pavilion at Clear Lake Park, to enjoy everything the Greek culture has to offer. There were vendors selling hats, food items and jewelry. A children’s play area; where the kids had a ball.

The St. John’s Angels performed their dances, under the guidance of their instructors Kika and Jose Guadiano; including a fun Maypole themed dance. Then Asteria & Friends; young adults from St. John’s dance group and the Greek dancers from Galveston, performed some very energetic folk dances.

Some of the Greek food, that we enjoyed included: Souvlaki, grilled pork brushed with olive oil and lemon, on a skewer; Pastichio, a baked lasagna, and of course Gyros, a flavorful mixture of beef and spices served on pita bread with tomatoes, onions and tzatziki sauce. YUMMY!!

Listen in to Talk of the Bay to get a taste of this Grecian celebration. OPA!

And thanks to Alex Kalos for the wonderful sounds of the bouzouki. Also known as the Golden Greek, Alex can be contacted at .

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