photos by Eddie Harper

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July 11 – Harvest Festival at Haak Winery – Santa Fe

It was a typical hot July day in Santa Fe but more than 100 folks came out to participate in the Haak Winery Harvest Festival. Armed with gloves, shears and tiny machetes these folks walked through 3 acres of vines collecting the treasured Blanc du Bois grapes. Bucket after bucket was filled and then emptied as each row was picked clean of its harvest.

About 1 to 2 tons of grapes were transported over to the crush pad where the grapes were pressed. The juice flowed out of the press and was carried into the huge stainless steel vats. And of course after the harvest there was the celebration. Five visiting wineries setup tasting stations which of course everyone enjoyed.

Live music, great wines, good food and happy people, what more could you ask for! Listen in to Talk of the Bay as Raymond Haak and several others tell us about wines and winemaking.

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