Haak Winery in Santa Fe Texas 

photos by Eddie Harper

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Haak Winery – Santa Fe

Nine years ago, Haak Winery was born. Starting from two Concord grape vines, an anniversary gift, Raymond and Gladys started Haak winery.

It is a gem, in the bay area; with events happening almost every weekend Haak offers a wide variety of fun, great food, entertainment and of course wonderful wine.

Open 7 days a week, you can bring friends and family to the winery for free wine tastings and tours. There are also areas, outside the Tasting Room that make a wonderful business meeting areas.

Friday nights are dining nights at the winery, with entertainment in the pavilion area. Saturday, brings public events like the Port & Chocolate night and Sunday is concert day.

Bands from all over the area come and play in the pavilion, overlooking the vines. There are also a number of grand events, so stay tuned and we’ll be announcing the events happening at Haak Winery, in Santa Fe.

Listen in as Kathleen Riess tells Talk of the Bay, all about the workings and events of Haak Winery.

For additional information please visit www.HaakWine.com

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