photos by Eddie Harper & Paul Fjelsta

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September 12 - Havana Daydreamin’ – Clear Lake                                               Havana Daydreaming Gallery 1                 Havana Daydreaming Gallery 2

The first annual Havana Daydreamin’ event was held in the ballroom at the Lakewood Yacht Club. Stepping back in time to a period of gambling, excitement and wonderful music, the theme was 1950’s Cuba.

Gentlemen donned in their straw hats and Guevara shirts while the ladies wore the colorful Latin flair of Cuba. From adorable costumes of ‘Havana Cabana’ to an updated Carmen Miranda the theme was in full swing.

The rhythmic Latin music was by Niho and the dance exhibitions were performed by the Strictly Street Salsa group.

Listen in, as Talk of the Bay captures some of the fun and the reason this evening of fun was put together.
Chiquita and Sondra's dresses were provided by Jill's Fashions and Bridals...check them out 

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