Hooters n Horns Bus Ride

photography by Eddie Harper
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Clear Lake Night at the Rodeo Bus Trip – Thursday, March 20 – Clear Lake Area

On Thursday, March 20 about 500 fun loving bay area residents met at Hooters on the Gulf Freeway for wings and brew. One hour later, ten buses were loaded up and everyone headed for the Houston Livestock Show and RodeoTM.

Clear Lake Night at the Rodeo included a visit to Hooters, the bus ride, entry into Reliant Stadium to see the rodeo show and a performance by Dierks Bentley. It also included access to the famous Chute Club within Reliant Stadium.

The bus ride, as expected, was basically a party on wheels, it included door prize give-aways, live auctions and plenty of adult refreshments. Every year, hundreds of Clear Lake folks don their western attire and participate in this Bronco Bustin’ Bus Trip. And each year they have a grand ole time.

Listen in as Talk of the Bay, checks in with some of the participants along the way.

This annual bus trip is hosted by the NASA, Clear Creek, Friendswood Metro Go Texan Committee. This committee invests its time and energy in support of the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo TM. In turn, the HLS&R supports the education of youth awarding more than $800,000 in scholarships to seniors in our Bay Area Houston high schools.
The NASA/Clear Creek/Friendswood Houston Metro Go Texan Sub Committee is always looking for new additions to our hard-working volunteers. For more information about joining, call Anita Fogtman at 281-488-4640.


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