ICM Festival of Trees Fashion Show 08 gallery 2


photos by Eddie Harper

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ICM Festival of Trees Fashion Show and Luncheon, December 3 – League City

What a great event! Tables were beautifully decorated and we were surrounded by dozens of gorgeously decorated Christmas trees. The fashion show started things off with a bang, with everything from classic styles to the latest fashions. Featured on the runway were outfits from The Clothes Horse, Joseph A. Banks and of course Jill’s Fashions and Bridal. Quoting, Paula Getz, a friend of mine, “I didn’t see a single dress that I didn’t love”. I think I see a shopping spree coming on. You Go Girl!

Listen is to Talk of the Bay as Arden Stone, of ICM and some of the guests attending the luncheon What a fun way to kick off the holiday season.

IMG_7754 IMG_7757 IMG_7757a IMG_7758
IMG_7754.jpg IMG_7757.jpg IMG_7757a.jpg IMG_7758.jpg
IMG_7759 IMG_7760 IMG_7763 IMG_7764
IMG_7759.jpg IMG_7760.jpg IMG_7763.jpg IMG_7764.jpg
IMG_7765 IMG_7768 IMG_7769 IMG_7771
IMG_7765.jpg IMG_7768.jpg IMG_7769.jpg IMG_7771.jpg
IMG_7773 IMG_7776 IMG_7777 IMG_7778
IMG_7773.jpg IMG_7776.jpg IMG_7777.jpg IMG_7778.jpg
IMG_7779 IMG_7780 IMG_7781 IMG_7782
IMG_7779.jpg IMG_7780.jpg IMG_7781.jpg IMG_7782.jpg
IMG_7784 IMG_7785 IMG_7787 IMG_7789
IMG_7784.jpg IMG_7785.jpg IMG_7787.jpg IMG_7789.jpg
IMG_7790 IMG_7792 IMG_7793 IMG_7795
IMG_7790.jpg IMG_7792.jpg IMG_7793.jpg IMG_7795.jpg
IMG_7796 IMG_7797 IMG_7798 IMG_7799
IMG_7796.jpg IMG_7797.jpg IMG_7798.jpg IMG_7799.jpg
IMG_7800 IMG_7801 IMG_7802 IMG_7803
IMG_7800.jpg IMG_7801.jpg IMG_7802.jpg IMG_7803.jpg
IMG_7804 IMG_7805 IMG_7806 IMG_7807
IMG_7804.jpg IMG_7805.jpg IMG_7806.jpg IMG_7807.jpg
IMG_7808 IMG_7809 IMG_7810 IMG_7811
IMG_7808.jpg IMG_7809.jpg IMG_7810.jpg IMG_7811.jpg
IMG_7812 IMG_7813 IMG_7815 IMG_7816
IMG_7812.jpg IMG_7813.jpg IMG_7815.jpg IMG_7816.jpg
IMG_7817 IMG_7818 IMG_7819 IMG_7820
IMG_7817.jpg IMG_7818.jpg IMG_7819.jpg IMG_7820.jpg
IMG_7821 IMG_7822 IMG_7823 IMG_7824
IMG_7821.jpg IMG_7822.jpg IMG_7823.jpg IMG_7824.jpg
IMG_7826 IMG_7827 IMG_7828 IMG_7829
IMG_7826.jpg IMG_7827.jpg IMG_7828.jpg IMG_7829.jpg
IMG_7830 IMG_7831 IMG_7832 IMG_7833
IMG_7830.jpg IMG_7831.jpg IMG_7832.jpg IMG_7833.jpg
IMG_7834 IMG_7835 IMG_7836 IMG_7837
IMG_7834.jpg IMG_7835.jpg IMG_7836.jpg IMG_7837.jpg
IMG_7838 IMG_7839 IMG_7840 IMG_7841
IMG_7838.jpg IMG_7839.jpg IMG_7840.jpg IMG_7841.jpg
IMG_7842 IMG_7843 IMG_7844 IMG_7846
IMG_7842.jpg IMG_7843.jpg IMG_7844.jpg IMG_7846.jpg
IMG_7847 IMG_7850 IMG_7851 IMG_7852
IMG_7847.jpg IMG_7850.jpg IMG_7851.jpg IMG_7852.jpg
IMG_7853 IMG_7855 IMG_7856 IMG_7857
IMG_7853.jpg IMG_7855.jpg IMG_7856.jpg IMG_7857.jpg
IMG_7858 IMG_7859 IMG_7860 IMG_7969
IMG_7858.jpg IMG_7859.jpg IMG_7860.jpg IMG_7969.jpg
IMG_7970 IMG_7971 IMG_7973 IMG_7974
IMG_7970.jpg IMG_7971.jpg IMG_7973.jpg IMG_7974.jpg
IMG_7975 IMG_7982 IMG_7984 IMG_7985
IMG_7975.jpg IMG_7982.jpg IMG_7984.jpg IMG_7985.jpg
IMG_7986 IMG_7987 IMG_7988 IMG_7989
IMG_7986.jpg IMG_7987.jpg IMG_7988.jpg IMG_7989.jpg
IMG_7990 IMG_7991 IMG_7992 IMG_7994
IMG_7990.jpg IMG_7991.jpg IMG_7992.jpg IMG_7994.jpg
IMG_7995 IMG_7997 IMG_7998 IMG_7999
IMG_7995.jpg IMG_7997.jpg IMG_7998.jpg IMG_7999.jpg
IMG_8000 IMG_8001 IMG_8002 IMG_8004
IMG_8000.jpg IMG_8001.jpg IMG_8002.jpg IMG_8004.jpg
IMG_8006 IMG_8007 IMG_8008 IMG_8009
IMG_8006.jpg IMG_8007.jpg IMG_8008.jpg IMG_8009.jpg
IMG_8010 IMG_8011 IMG_8013 IMG_8015
IMG_8010.jpg IMG_8011.jpg IMG_8013.jpg IMG_8015.jpg
IMG_8016 IMG_8018 IMG_8019 IMG_8020
IMG_8016.jpg IMG_8018.jpg IMG_8019.jpg IMG_8020.jpg
IMG_8022 IMG_8023 IMG_8025 IMG_8026
IMG_8022.jpg IMG_8023.jpg IMG_8025.jpg IMG_8026.jpg
IMG_8027 IMG_8028 IMG_8029 IMG_8031
IMG_8027.jpg IMG_8028.jpg IMG_8029.jpg IMG_8031.jpg
IMG_8033 IMG_8034 IMG_8035 IMG_8036
IMG_8033.jpg IMG_8034.jpg IMG_8035.jpg IMG_8036.jpg
IMG_8037 IMG_8038 IMG_8039 IMG_8040
IMG_8037.jpg IMG_8038.jpg IMG_8039.jpg IMG_8040.jpg
IMG_8041 IMG_8042 IMG_8044 IMG_8045
IMG_8041.jpg IMG_8042.jpg IMG_8044.jpg IMG_8045.jpg
IMG_8047 IMG_8048 IMG_8049 IMG_8051
IMG_8047.jpg IMG_8048.jpg IMG_8049.jpg IMG_8051.jpg
IMG_8052 IMG_8053 IMG_8054 IMG_8055
IMG_8052.jpg IMG_8053.jpg IMG_8054.jpg IMG_8055.jpg
IMG_8056 IMG_8058 IMG_8060 IMG_8062
IMG_8056.jpg IMG_8058.jpg IMG_8060.jpg IMG_8062.jpg
IMG_8063 IMG_8064 IMG_8066 IMG_8067
IMG_8063.jpg IMG_8064.jpg IMG_8066.jpg IMG_8067.jpg
IMG_8068 IMG_8069 IMG_8070  
IMG_8068.jpg IMG_8069.jpg IMG_8070.jpg

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